EYEMARK Monitoring and Evaluation of Federal Government Projects Sensitization.

The Head Human Resource Management NSSEC. Alh. Saleh Bature (7th left) the head Planning Research and Statistics, Mr. Usman Abubakar (6th left), Eyemark, NSSEC desk officer, Mr.Ehiede Righteous (8th left),Management and staff of NSSEC, after the sensitization of NSSEC staff, on the use of EYEMARK for Monitoring and Evaluation of Federal Government Projects.

The head Planning Research and Statistics NSSEC, Mr. Usman Abubakar exchanging pleasantries with the NSSEC, EYEMARK desk officer, Mr.Ehiede Righteous,at the Commission after his presentation to staff of NSSEC.

Previous The Executive Secretary NSSEC Dr. Iyela Ajayi highlighting his achievements to Management and Staff of NSSEC since his assumption to office in May 21, 2023.