Agberagba Hyacenth

Head, Internal Audit Unit


The Internal Audit Unit is properly positioned to ensure that the managerial control which functions by measuring and evaluating the effectiveness if Internal control system in the Commission is ensured


iPre-payment Audit100{f765ae5f223016aae67b7a87be5c4f8ea5feeb816fbe0068ca520a71639d00c6} Audit of all payment vouchers before payment
iiPost Audit and ReportsAuditing of account books and records of F/A Dept.
iiiAssets VerificationTake records of all assets of the commission
ivAudit check in storeTo ensure that all store items are properly documented
vProduction & implementation of Audit GuideTo facilitate the Auditing of all financial and non-financial transaction
viManagement AuditTo Audit the programmes of the departments and units.

Programs/activities Carried out by the Internal Audit Unit:

  1.  Complete and Continuous audit of payment Vouchers presented to the unit for audit.
  2. Training of three (3) auditors on Re- enforcing the application of IFRS/IPSAS to Digital Accounts Preparation in Business Financial reporting quality in the Public sector.
  3. Production of Audit program/Unit Action Plan for the year 2022. (Copy attached).

iv. Commenced the process for the production of the Commission’s Audit Manual

Reports on Financial, Stores, plant and Equipment since inception is on-going.

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