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Bar. Ikpe Ugwushime. Head Legal


To be a dynamic and vibrant Legal Unit; manned by efficient and dedicated lawyers guaranteeing quality legal services to achieve the set goals in the Commission. The Legal Unit is dedicated to law reform drive and initiatives geared towards improving senior secondary education in Nigeria towards reducing the phenomenon out-of-school. 


Commitment to the delivery of quality legal services and ensuring that the commission follows due process in the discharge of its functions in order to achieve a robust and viable Education sub-Sector.

Mandate and Functions

  1. Proffer legal advice to the commission on legal and other related matters
  2. Prosecute as well as liaise with external solicitors to prosecute and monitor court cases affecting the commission, and other legal services 
  3. Draft and vet of all the Commission’s contractual documents
  4. Draft leases and Tenancy Agreement for the Commission
  5. Follow up insurance claims and ensuring adequate insurance coverage for the staff and properties of the Commission.
  6. Procure title deeds for all the Commission’s real properties and negotiate    with States in acquisition of state/zonal offices
  7. Represent the Commission at collective bargaining and industrial relations negotiations.
  8. Review the judicial decisions relevant to the Secondary Education System.
  9. Provide secretarial service for the following meetings:
  10. NSSEC Board and its standing committees
  11. Management and establishment committees
  12. NSSEC with State Secondary Education Boards (SSEBs), professional bodies and Associations in Nigeria (Bi-annual) and,
  13. NSSEC with other organization.
  14. Preparation and review of laws relating to the Senior Secondary Education Sub-sector for purposes of amendment;
  15. Preparation and vetting of legal instruments (i.e. deeds of Guarantees, Power of Attorney, relevant Law Instruments, Searches, Investigations and Perfection of Titles Deeds and liaison with regulatory authorities on legal issues concerning the Commission);
  16. Participations in negotiations, preparing and vetting of Contract Agreements/Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and other legal documents between the commission and external organizations;
  17. Representing the Commission at local and international meetings, negotiations, seminars and workshops with legal connotation;
  18. Liaising with the Federal Ministry of Justice on behalf of the Commission on legal issues;
  19. Reviewing Bills sent by the National Assembly for Presidential assent
  20. Handling of legal actions in Court and before Arbitral Tribunals on behalf of the commission and engaging in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as necessary.
  21. Ensuring that activities of the organization conform with the provisions in the enabling law
  22. Sensitization and advocacy to the public on the existence of the organization as provided in the enabling law
  23. Conducting sensitization programs and workshops for/and between NSSEC and the SSEB on the enabling laws
  24. Providing focal desk for Freedom of Information Act
  25. Coordinate the harmonization of SSEB laws with NSSEC Law
  26. Organizing workshops on regulatory mechanism for NSSEC and SSEB.
  27. Sensitization on NSSEC mandate and functions as provided in the Law.
  28. Legislative drafting and awareness and attendance at NASS public hearing
  29. Ensuring that procurement processes comply with the provisions of the Procurement Act 2007
  30. Mitigating and preventing actions that might lead to litigation.
  31. Membership in all Negotiations, mediation and arbitration and all negotiation alternative to litigation
  32. Verification through searches at the Corporate Affairs Commission and other Agencies to ascertain the legal and prequalification status of contracting companies.
  33. Defining the legal framework and scope of operation of the NSSEC in compliance with the enabling law.
  34. Interpreting the provisions of the Law as regard the mandate of the commission and giving proper definitions and delineation to the assignment of each department/unit in other to mitigate clashes or encroachments.
  35. Streamlining the activities of the commission through its various departments in line with the Law.
  36. Liaising with the Federal Ministry of Justice, NASS in conjunction with the Legal Unit FME to accelerate the passage of the proposed NSSEC Amendment Bill.
  37. Intervening in all legal matters that affect minimum standards in SSE eg. exam malpractice, school violence, rape cases and implementation of safe school initiatives, 
  38. Drafting of regulations and guidelines for the implementation of NSSEC mandates as well as drafting guideline for prescribing minimum standards.
  39. Any other activity or activities as may be approved by the Executive Secretary to designate and delegate.

Projects/Programmes/Activities Conducted

  1. Drafting of NSSEC Bill.
  2. Presentation of Memo at the JCCE.
  3. Organizing education stakeholders on the NSSEC Bill.

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