Physical Planning

Physical Planning Unit

Arc Maimuna Lami Umar. Physical Planning Unit


The Physical Planning Unit was created as one of the pioneer Units of the National Senior Secondary Education Commission. The Unit is one of six (6) service Units that work directly with the Office of the Executive Secretary.


To provide professional services to the Commission, its stakeholders and the general public in line with extant provisions. 


To ensure professionalism in the execution and monitoring of Projects and ensure standard and quality execution of projects


The mandate of the Physical Planning Unit is two -fold. The core mandate of this service Unit is primarily to support the activities of the Commission under the direct coordination of the Executive Secretary to achieve the mandate of the commission. 

The mandate of NSSEC is to monitor and evaluate the development of Senior Secondary Education in Nigeria with a focus on academic brief and Master plan implementation, staff support, infrastructural input and other issues pertinent to ensure quality senior secondary education in Nigeria. 

The Physical Planning Unit by virtue of this, is to ensure that due process is adhered to in execution of its Projects. 


Functions of the Unit

  1. Coordination of Design and supervision of all Physical development projects of the Commission. 
  2. Concept design and appraisal of projects for the Commissions’ intervention programs.

Projects/Programmes/Activities of the Unit

  1. Supervision of new NSSEC building, Maitama Abuja.
  2. Supervision of remodelling for NSSEC Office, Utako
    Constitution and inauguration of Parastatals Tenders Board (PTB) of the commission. 


  1. Monitoring and supervision of NSSEC new building Maitama from inception to completion. 
  2. Remodeling and Maintenance of NSSEC Building Maitama Abuja
  3. Procurement process for capital Projects of the year 2021 for National Senior Secondary Education Commission (NSSEC). 
  4. In-House Training conducted for members of Procurement Planning Committee, Tenders Board and Staffs of Projects and Procurement Unit.
  5. Capacity building training for staff at ABU Zaria, Kaduna State

Future Plans

  1. Training and capacity building programs for Staff of the Unit.
  2. Increase manpower of the Unit by the Management of NSSEC.
  3. Development of Software for Automation of Projects processes to ease the operations. 

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