Planning, Research and Statistics


Mrs. Chendo E. C Director, Planning, Research and Statistics


The Planning, Research and Statistics (PRS) department is the life wire of the Commission. The department provides strategic plan, technical and professional support services to the commission and other stakeholders in the senior secondary education sector for effective and efficient delivery of the Commission’s mandate. 

The department is the custodian of senior secondary education data and the establishment of database for the Senior Secondary schools across the country.  It also ensures the smooth running of the Commission’s Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) process.


To provide sound National Senior Secondary Education Policy, real time data on Nigeria Senior Secondary institutions and promote a sound reading culture while ensuring documentation of meetings and recordkeeping.


The Department of corporate Service seeks to ensure that the standards set out in Senior Secondary Education policy are scrupulously implemented and maintained.


The core mandate of the department include:

  1. Plan, develop and monitor educational policies and research for the Senior secondary education system in-line with the national goals and needs for global competitiveness 
  1. Design, develop data collection templates, collect, collate, analyse and disseminate real time educational statistical data for effective planning and decision making at senior secondary education subsector 
  1. Management of the commission’s website, providing technical support on the development of EMIS at NSSEC, SSECS, States and schools level
  1. Establishment, management and monitoring of Library services at NSSEC zonal, states and secondary schools level in Nigeria.

Structure of the Department

The department is made up of 4 branches

i. Policy Development and Implementation branch

ii. Research and planning

iii. ICT

iv. Library services


1. Policy Development and Implementation branch

i. Policy adherence and compliance unit

ii. Private sector unit

iii. NGOs unit

iv. International Institutions

2. Research and planning

i. Research and Development unit

ii. Statistics unit

iii. Publication unit

iv. Knowledge exchange unit

3. ICT

(i). Data/information management unit

(ii) Networking, IT support and Help desk unit

4. Library Services


  1. Develop and monitor education policy and research for the Nigeria Senior Secondary Education System in line with national goals and needs.
  2. Sponsor research in areas relevant to national development.
  3. Collect, collate and disseminate real time data on Nigerian Senior Secondary institutions
    Co-ordinate and undertake research and surveys of the activities and achievements of the Commission.
  4. Design data capture template in conjunction with the departments in NSSEC
  5. Upload periodic relevance and timely statistical data on the National Senior Secondary Education System online
  6. Implement and maintain the hardware and software used for the operation of the commission 
  7. Capacity building of relevant staff on the operation of the department whenever the need arises 
  8. Promote the establishment of reading clubs in senior secondary institutions
  9. Increase library awareness (sensitization and advocacy) at the state and local Government levels
  10. Ensure establishment/use of functional libraries 
  11. Foster collaboration between government industry, schools and other stakeholders in secondary education system
  12. Develop a blue print of areas of intervention in the Nigeria secondary education system for donor support
  13. Provide project management services in collaboration with donor agencies and partners for NSSES
  14. Coordinate national and international linkages/collaborations in secondary education
  15. Coordinate and monitor NSSES special physical capital project
  16. Promote the publication of books and journals for the Nigeria Secondary Education system
  17. Ensure the implementation of government policies on admissions and examinations in secondary institutions as may be laid down from time to time 
  18. Supervise and monitor the implementation of strategies aimed at eradicating anti-social activities such as examination malpractice, students and staff cultism on school campuses and also ensure good relation with save school environment.
  19. Co-ordinate and produce strategic development plans and action plans within the framework of the overall Senior Secondary Education sector plan.
  20. Monitor and evaluate plan implementation, performance and efficiency targets for the various departments and units of the Commission.
  21. Survey and review of the internal organization and operational modalities for the Commission to determine capacity needs and ensure institutional efficiency
  22. Collate and produce annual and periodic reports on the achievements and challenges of the Commission.
  23. The Commission web site management
  24. Coordinating and maintaining electronic data flow and processing ICT and school computer centres management
  25. Advising Management on acquisition, maintenance, utilization and updating of ICT facilities in the Commission. 
  26. Setting computer centre, monitoring the progress of the centre and providing technical support on the development of EMIS at NSSEC, SSECs, LGEAs and School levels. 
  27. Designing and developing data collection instruments, coordinating and managing the basic education data bank. 
  28. Serving as link between collaborating agencies and other stakeholders on ICT development. 
  29. Data management and other related issues. 
  30. Coordinating the development of NSSEC Action, Strategic and Rolling Plans.
  31. Coordinating NSSEC Action Plans and Budget
  32. Organizing quarterly In-house Seminars for NSSEC staff.
  33.  Collating and editing NSSEC Annual Report
  34. Collating and editing articles for publication in the NSSEC Forum and The Senior Secondary Education
  35. Coordinating Action Research in identified areas of Senior Secondary Education.
  36. Managing research and development components of assisted projects by International Development Partners – IDPs.
  37. Developing Key Performance Indicators-KPIs from approved Action Plans for NSSEC and SEBs and reporting same to stakeholders.
  38. Serving as a Secretariat for Inter-Departmental Committee on Research and serving as Technical Partners on special research assignments. 
  39. Providing professional and technical support to SEBs on the development of their Strategic Plans, data generation, analysis and dissemination 
  40. Create a review and monitor the progress achieved
  41. Carrying out any other function(s) as may be directed by the Executive Secretary from time to time.

Activities carried out

  1. Designing of senior secondary schools’ data collection instrument
  2. Designing of online data collection instrument 
  3. Conduct of pilot test of the instrument in the six geopolitical zones and FCT

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