Alh. Ibraheem Abdulkareem. Director, Quality Assurance


To have a dynamic quality assurance service for effective and efficient education delivery at Senior Secondary level.


To prescribe and monitor the implementation of Minimum Standards of Education, to ensure quality of curriculum delivery that guarantees effective and efficient teaching and learning in Senior Secondary Schools nationwide that can compete globally.


  1. To ensure quality education delivery at the Senior Secondary level. 
  2. To Ensure quality Inputs (content), processes and quality output.
  3. To carry out Schools Evaluation and Accreditation.
  4. To ensure Professional Development of quality assurance staff. 
  5. To ensure appropriate teaching and learning of core subjects. 
  6. To carry out advocacy and sanctions on erring schools.
  7. To carry out sensitization, awareness and enforcement of appropriate sanction to erring schools.
  8. To monitor the conduct and processes of writing external examinations (WAEC, NECO, NABTEB).
  9. To Prescribe minimum standards for senior secondary schools in Nigeria,
  10. To liaise with NERDC in the development of curriculum and pedagogy.
  11. To carry out Needs assessments exercise on structures, facilities and equipment in senior secondary schools nationwide.

Units under the department

  1. Evaluation and Accreditation
  2. Professional Development.
  3. Curriculum and Pedagogy
  4. Advocacy and sanctions.

Functions of the Department.

  1. To validate school self-evaluation
  2. Ensure the availability of education facilities for trade subjects

Professional Development

  1. Retooling of Education officers to acquire skills on Quality Assurance process
  2. Induction of Education officers to be certified as Quality Assurance agents

Curriculum and pedagogy

  1. Ensure adequate application of core subjects
  2. Develop and administer questionnaires on implication of core subjects.
  3. Ensure the availability of relevant teachers and equipment for trade subjects.

Advocacy and Sanction

  1. Sensitization, awareness and enforcement of appropriate sanctions to erring schools.


  1. Conduct of Needs Assessment on Personnel, Infrastructural Facilities and Equipment Senior Secondary Schools
  2. Quality Assurance Evaluation and Accreditation of Senior Secondary Schools and Monitoring of Learning Achievement Nationwide.
  3. Stakeholders’ forum for the Development of Minimum Standards for Senior Secondary Education level
  4. Monitoring of State Education Boards Including Public and Private Schools

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