Reform Coordination and Service Improvement


Mrs. Victoria u. Igbiriki. Head – Reform


The Reform Unit in the National Senior Secondary Education Commission (NSSEC) comprises of SERVICOM, Anti-Corruption and Transparency Units (ACTU).

SERVICOM is an initiative of the Federal Government of Nigeria conceived to promote effective and efficient service delivery in MDAs to ensure customer satisfaction. Service delivery initiative of the Federal Government, transformed into SERVICOM (Service Compact with all Nigeria) in 2004 is necessary because, SERVICOM is the eye of any institution with a mandate to support the management in driving its vision.

The Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit (ACTU) was established by the independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) as one of the implementation mechanisms for its mandate on prohibition and prevention of corruption especially in the Public Sector.



  1. Manage the Unit to serve as focal point for driving all change, reform, innovation and improvement efforts within the Commission in line with the overall framework set by BPSR, OHCSF and other Central Agencies of Government;
  2. Work with leadership of the Commission to identify process, systems and service gaps and with BPSR and OHCSF to develop interventions to eliminate such gaps;
  3. Coordinate, drive, monitor and report on the Reform Agenda for the Commission;
  4. Manage and drive SERVICOM aims and initiatives within the Commission;
  5. Troubleshoot service failures and develop proposals to address them;
  6. Research and identify good practices that can be adopted/ adapted to improve service delivery in the Commission;
  7. Liaise with the Departments and Management to develop, refine, improve and recommend more efficient processes and systems for the Commission to achieve its objectives;
  8. Develop and launch initiatives to drive and mainstream a continuous service improvement tools and practices to institute sustainable improvements in the Commission;
  9. Assist the leadership of the Commission to articulate and coordinate their agenda in line with Service and Standards.


  1. To ensure efficiency and prompt service delivery
  2. Undertake the continuous investigation, inspection, and study of all aspects of structure, operational modalities and management practices of the Commission
  3. Advise the Executive Secretary on matters relating to structure, modalities and management practice of the Commission.
  4. Conduct periodic management audit of all the Departments in the Commission.
  5. Ensure that target are specific, measurable. Achievable, realistic and time bound.
  6. Seek approval of the Executive Secretary for the performance target through the appropriate channel before they are adopted by the various sub-divisions
  7. Keep records of the target 
  8. Monitor performance targets to ensure that the sub-divisions and staff comply with the set targets and endeavour to achieve them.
  9. Write reports regularly on how targets are being met by the sub-divisions so that management could use the information to determine appropriate reward and their recipients.
  10. Produce annual report on efficiency/productivity levels for the Executive Secretary.
  11. Receive and investigate any report of conspiracy to commit, attempt to commit or the commission of  offence where reasonable grounds exist for suspecting that any person conspire to commit or has committed and offence under the Anti-Corruption Act or any other Law prohibiting corruption, and in appropriate cases, to prosecute the offenders.
  12. Examine the practices, systems and procedures of public bodies and where in the opinion of the unit, such practices, systems or procedure aid or facilitate fraud or corruption to direct and supervise their review.
  13. Educate the public on and against bribery, corruption and related offences, and 
  14. Advise State Senior Secondary Education Boards (SSSEBs) and Heads of Senior Secondary institutions of any change in practices, systems or procedures compatible with the effective discharge of the duties of the public bodies as the Unit deems fit to reduce the likelihood or incidence of bribery, corruption and related offences.


  1. The Reform Unit of NSSEC constantly monitors and distributes the schedule of activity on the front Desk.
  2. The Unit produced visitor’s book to keep record of visitors coming in and out of the Commission.
  3. SERVICOM Unit was inaugurated in the Commission 
  4. Production of Roll Up Banners and Plaque cards in NSSEC office
  5. The Unit also holds monthly meetings with the SERVICOM Committee members to discuss matters concerning the service improvement of both the Staff and the Commission at large.
  6. Development of NSSEC service charter

Future Plans

  1. To inaugurate SERVICOM/ACTU in the Commission.
  2. To inaugurate SERVICOM/ACTU clubs in the Senior Secondary Schools.
  3. To Nominate SERVICOM/ACTU patrons in the Unity Schools and work hand in hand with them to fight Corruption and ensure good teaching service delivery to the learners.
  4. To visit the unity schools of the Federation to investigate the quality of service rendered to the learners.
  5. To investigate how transparent examinations are conducted in the Senior Secondary schools in the Unity Schools.
  6. To hold workshop/ Seminar for ACT Patrons in the Unity Schools to educate them on Corruption Red flags and proffer possible solution and ways to eliminate Corruption to the barest minimum.
  7. Establishment of SERVICOM front desk for the Commission
  8. Formulation and development of Service Charter
  9. Inauguration of Anti- Corruption and Transparency Unit (ACTU) in NSSEC
  10. Represent NSSEC in the Global SERVICOM meeting
  11. Participate in MDAS’ peer meetings.

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